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How To Become a Successful Insurance Advisor in India

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

How To Become a Successful Insurance Advisor in India :

How to become a successful insurance advisor in India is a challenging question, but there are few traits to achieve success as insurance advisor, these qualities are universal in nature to achieve success in any field, however we are being specific here for Insurance advisor's success.

There are numerous life Insurance advisors working in India and Today we discuss some key factors that plays a major role in success of an Insurance Advisor.

Insurance Advisor
Insurance Advisor

Insurance Advisor Job is one of the highest Paying job in the industry, but It's not so easy task

5 Qualities to become successful in insurance industry.

1. Attitude

2. Skills

3. Knowledge

4. Training

5. Consistency

Let's discuss these qualities one by one and analyse how these qualities contribute to success of an Insurance advisor

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Attitude plays a key role in people life whether a person would be successful or failure in near future, all are implications of one's attitude, his attitude toward simpler things of profession, how he thinks about his profession, There are some millionaire life insurance advisors and then there are some advisors who earn very low from this profession. How is this so, one advisor earning millions and the other earning a meagre income.

When you look deeper and inspect things, then you may realise that there is a lot of difference in their attitudes. The millionaire advisor thinks and believes that the profession is good and full of opportunities and sees the brighter sides of the profession, he knows the business potential and is ready to reap the benefits of insurance industry.

While on other hand others have sadistic approach about their profession and believes that earnings from their profession as difficult one they do not believe in achieving success, or they do not visualise themselves as successful advisors, and they do not have firm faith in their profession.

It's a well known saying that "What you think, you become".

This sort of thought process and beliefs contribute to one's attitude, and this attitude can lead one to success or failure.

Insurance Advisor
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As everyone knows it is very easy to get a licence to work as insurance advisor in insurance company but to become successful is very hard.

But the question is Why?

Answer is When a person with basic qualifications fill a form for insurance advisor, pays a negligible fee and after some study clears insurance advisor exam of I.R.D.A. Then without trainings (which are not mandatory after clearing exam) he tries to do insurance business in market which is said to be one of most difficult businesss, and fails miserably,

Some people may not agree with me but look at industry data about drop ratio of life insurance advisors, the drop ratio is more than 85 %.

It is because of improper trainings, lack of practical knowledge, presentation and necessary skills to do life insurance business. That's why a majority of people fails because there is nothing at stake for them, and it's an "easy entry, easy exit type" theory.

But the rest of people who sticks to their Jobs as insurance advisors, learns necessary skills, acquires knowledge of Life insurance products, financial, insurance needs and portfolio management of clients succeeds and earns millions

Remember, these skills are not mandatory part of procedure to become life insurance advisor, but they are the key ingredients to become successful as life insurance advisor. There is no official regulations to learn all these skills that's why most of the people fails, and those who were self-disciplined, eager to learn new skills, trains and acquire knowledge through their mentors achieve great success.

So if you are an Insurance Advisor, Talk to your mentor and ask him/her, train under him/her and follow him/her completely without any doubt.

"Thank me later when you succeed"

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Seriously, The Majority of people enters this business because they do not have anything to do, and they enter with mindset "For the time being, until I got a job It's better to do something than nothing" isn't it Now I ask you personally Tell me Is that type of person become successful where he joins. Remember what I said about thought process in ATTITUDE.

When you are serious about success only then you get it Only 5% of people achieve top positions in any sector Why? It's their lack of knowledge about job potential they do not know that this profession can give 5 figures and even 6 figures per month income easily, and they don't believe and neither they became serious about their profession

What To do ?

Know the basics, Jobs responsibilities, Future opportunities of Job profile, earning opportunities, Benefits and Perks, flexibility and freedom in Job, Capital involved (0 Zero in this case). When you know and understands your job profile fully Only then you will work and succeeds as per your potential

As per a small local survey conducted of dropout Life insurance advisors it is found that majority of them didn't know about the full benefits of job profile as insurance advisors, nor they have complete knowledge of products of the company, Lack of knowledge, trainings and skill set are major factors in dropping out.

What to do ?

Know every single details of your profession, acquire mandatory skill set from your mentor, have knowledge of your products, go and reach out people. I assure you, Success will follow you.

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The job of insurance advisor is to insure people according to their needs

and where are people found "Think Yourselves". Do some field work, reach out new people

Now all your trainings and knowledge comes in handy when you were in unknown market for life insurance. Everyone needs insurance and you provide them with that. You have to work for your success daily. Success doesn't come overnight. Make a daily routine, a timetable, a self-discipline to work for your success, and follow the routine religiously.

Insurance Advisor
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Consistency is the quality of steadfastness, reliability, and unwavering commitment to action. It is the ability to show up day after day, maintaining a disciplined approach towards our goals and responsibilities. Consistency forms the base of success.

When we are consistent, we create a predictable pattern of behaviour that others can rely on, fostering trust and strengthening relationships. Consistency also breeds self-trust, as we prove to ourselves that we are capable of staying true to our intentions and following through on our commitments.

In a world filled with distractions and constant change, consistency provides stability and a sense of control. It helps us stay focused on what truly matters, ensuring that we make progress even in the face of challenges. Consistency enables us to weather storms, bounce back from failures, and maintain resilience in the pursuit of our dreams.

Moreover, consistency is a powerful tool for personal growth and development. By consistently engaging in actions that align with our values and aspirations, we reinforce positive habits, expand our knowledge, and cultivate new skills. It is through consistent effort that we transform our potential into reality.

It requires discipline, focus, and perseverance. But the rewards are manifold: a sense of accomplishment, a reputation for reliability, and the fulfilment that comes from knowing we have given our best consistently.

In summary, consistency is a fundamental principle that underpins success, growth, and fulfilment. It is the steady force that propels us forward, the building block for habits and relationships, and the anchor that keeps us grounded amidst the uncertainties of life. By embracing consistency, we pave the way for transformation and unlock our true potential.

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