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Benefits of a Career as LIC Advisor:


Financial Independence :


As an LIC Advisor, you have the unique advantage of unlimited earning potential. Your earnings are directly linked to your performance, allowing you to achieve financial independence and control over your income.


Flexibility and Work-Life Balance:

Enjoy the freedom to set your own work hours and balance your personal and professional commitments effectively. This flexibility enables you to lead a fulfilling life while building a successful career.


Rewarding Career:

Being an LIC Advisor goes beyond just selling insurance policies. You become a trusted financial advisor, guiding individuals towards securing their future and protecting their loved ones.

Extensive Product Portfolio:


LIC offers a diverse range of insurance and investment products, catering to various customer needs. As an Advisor, you can recommend tailored solutions that suit each client's requirements.

Training and Development:


LIC provides comprehensive training and development programs to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the insurance industry. Continuous support ensures you stay up-to-date with market trends and best practices.


Recognition and Incentives:


Outstanding performance as an LIC Advisor is recognized and rewarded with various incentives, awards, and recognition programs. Your dedication and hard work will not go unnoticed.

Job Security:


As an LIC Advisor, you become a part of one of the most trusted and reputable organizations in India. This association offers job security and stability, backed by LIC's strong presence in the insurance sector.

Social Impact:


By helping individuals secure their financial future, you contribute positively to society. As an LIC Advisor, you play a significant role in promoting financial inclusion and raising awareness about the importance of insurance.


Opportunities for Growth:


The role of an LIC Advisor presents numerous opportunities for career growth and advancement. You can build a team of advisors under you, opening doors for additional leadership roles within the organization.

Pension and Gratuity Benefits:


LIC Advisors are entitled to attractive pension and gratuity benefits upon retirement, ensuring a secure and comfortable life post-career.

Join the LIC family and become a trusted guardian of financial security for millions. Embrace the challenges and rewards of this fulfilling career, empowering yourself while empowering others to lead a life of confidence and protection.

LIC Agency is a Gold Mine

  1. Highest Paid Job without any Investment

  2. Pension, Gratuity, Hereditary Commission

  3. Foreign Tours,

  4. Car Advance Bike Advance, Festival Advances

  5. Medical and Term Insurance.

Our Requirements:-

    Basic Qualification :- 12th.

    Higher education is an added advantage.

    Tax consultants, marketing Professionals , salesmen will be given            higher preference.

    MBA,s and Commerce Graduates,are given priority.

    Age  :-20 to 60 (retired persons can also apply).

    Students, Ex servicemen and Housewives can apply provided they         fulfil above norms 

What we Offer

  1. Salary

  2. Commission

  3. Perks and Incentives.

  4. Foreign Tours

  5. Gratuity and Pension.

  6. Royalty Income After 5 years Of Agency.

Facilities We Provide

  1. Car/Bike 

  2. Office Expenses

  3. Telephone facility

  4. Home loan.

  5. LIC Guest house facility

  6. Professional training's

We Need Persons Who can work for L.I.C as Insurance Advisors and
we will Pay the Best Payouts in Industry. 

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